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Foreign Clients:
We provide many patent, copyright and trademark services for foreign associates. We would be pleased to assist your needs in the U.S. for handling your patent, copyright  and trademark needs. For more information on using our services, please click here.

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Working with Bacon and Thomas
Engaging the services of an attorney to handle your patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret, designs, and other “intellectual property” (or “IP”) legal matters requires careful consideration of the qualifications of the attorney as well as effectiveness and cost of the services. We are pleased to be considered to assist with your IP needs and are ready to get you started.

Starting Point
The starting point is a "conflicts check" to confirm that our attorneys do not represent an adverse party. This may be followed by an initial consultation to obtain the needed information to make an informed decision. Is the matter a simple copyright? A complex invention to be protected by a patent? A litigation or licensing matter? A trademark to be protected? A threat or accusation of infringement of the IP of another party with a demand for damages?

The initial consultation may identify the legal issues you are confronted with, identify the attorney best suited to handle the matter, and begin the process of providing helpful information regarding the legal issues involved, explaining the expected cost of the anticipated services, and providing procedural advice about moving the process forward.

Each IP legal matter has its own set of issues to be identified, analyzed, and resolved, and the Bacon & Thomas attorney you engage to represent you will carefully and promptly give detailed attention to the matter while informing you of the procedures and costs involved so that you remain involved throughout the process.

During the initial consultation, the attorney will ask for detailed information on a confidential, attorney-client basis about the IP matter that concerns you and will arrange for an exchange of information in writing, including any fees and costs that may have to be involved and the manner of payment of such fees.

You should not communicate any confidential information regarding your legal matter to a Bacon & Thomas attorney until the attorney has informed you that there is no conflict with another client he or she is representing.

As soon as you engage your Bacon & Thomas attorney, you can expect informative and open communication with the attorney from that point forward that will keep you informed of each step involved in resolving your IP matter so that you can actively participate in the decision making process and approve the costs that may be involved.

Bacon & Thomas has been providing legal services since 1920, and our professionals also have decades of collective experience exclusively in IP legal matters involving domestic and international clientele and a wide range of technologies.   Bacon & Thomas is prepared to handle virtually all aspects of securing, protecting, enforcing, and defending your IP, as well as defending you against accusations of infringement of the IP of others. The Bacon & Thomas attorneys are also prepared to represent you in any licensing negotiations, whether your own IP or the IP of others is involved.

Contact Bacon & Thomas
The initial consultation may be arranged by email at the address provided on our “contact” page. You will be directed to a representative who will assist you in starting the process.

We welcome your further inquiry.


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