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Bacon & Thomas understands that an organization’s identity and reputation are essential in building a brand and creating goodwill with customers. Because trademarks are an essential part of that brand strategy, we understand that securing strong trademark protection is critical. Our professionals are experienced in creating, maintaining, and protecting those marks so that an organization can continue to build brand and goodwill without interference.

Registering and maintaining trademarks is one of our core competencies. Our professionals secure, protect, and maintain thousands of marks worldwide. Comprehensive trademark and associated services include:
  • Clearance and registration searches and investigations to determine the availability of marks, including designs and other nontraditional marks
  • Obtaining federal, state, and foreign registration of trademarks, service marks, collective marks, and certification marks
  • Worldwide trademark watch services to detect conflicting trademark filing
  • Conducting domestic and foreign opposition and cancellation proceedings
  • Securing worldwide protection through an extensive network of foreign agents
  • Protecting in a global market against infringement, misappropriation, deceptive trade practices, and counterfeiting

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