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Bacon & Thomas recognizes that in today’s complex commercial environment, it is increasingly important for businesses to understand their intellectual property rights and those of others so as to be able to make informed business decisions. Frequently, these decisions require opinions given by attorneys experienced in both intellectual property law and technical areas.

Instances occur when you may desire to obtain intellectual property rights and require an informed opinion as to how best to pursue such rights and the probability of securing them. Understanding your intellectual property rights may not only allow you insight into the prospects for obtaining intellectual property protection but can in a larger context reveal potential market positions and expose possible problems in order to maneuver around and provide opportunities for moving forward with confidence.

Our attorneys routinely engage in preparing opinions associated with patentability, trademark registration, infringement, noninfringement, validity, invalidity, freedom to operate, design around, and many other related issues. Since the professionals at Bacon & Thomas are experienced in both intellectual property law and a wide array of technologies and sciences, we are able to address all these types of opinions.

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